A Couple Married for 65 Years Died Just Hours Apart in the Same Nursing Home

Jack and Harriet Morrison have been together since 1955. The passed away on the same day hours apart.

A couple that was married for 65 years died simply hrs apart after spending some time together one last time.
Jack as well as Harriet Morrison both passed away earlier this month at a retirement home in St. Louis, Missouri. They spent their final hrs together thanks to the nursing staff at The Woodlands of Arnold.

” This is what flicks are made of,” their niece, Sue Wagener, told CNN. “They were really crazy.”

Search the headlines and you’ll locate many cases where when one fifty percent of a long-married pair dies, the 2nd fatality complies with. Medical professionals frequently call it broken heart disorder. However even if the instances aren’t rare, they’re no much less heartbreaking.

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