American Idol: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know

American Idol took the U.S. by storm when the reality competition reveals premiered in 2002 to rave evaluations. Over the course of the program’s 13-year run, it has produced several successful artists, including season one winner Kelly Clarkson and season three winner Carrie Underwood, and raked in millions of audiences each week.

Wanting to go out on top, it was announced that the show’s 15th season would be its last. Check out on to learn more about the program that has been consistently ranked number one season after season, and watch for part two of our list, coming soon.

Fact Number 15

The Show is Based on a British Program. It’s not unusual for a program to be based upon a program from another country and American Idol is no exception.

The temporary British series Pop Idol was the inspiration for the show. The 2 shows are practically the very same, as Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell, who developed Pop Idol, were behind pitching the program to the United States.

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